Minimal-waste (and zero plastic waste) Maya Sky package includes:
 *   12 Maya Skies (4 reds, 4 blues, 4 yellows) 
 *   Each set comes in a beautiful hand-woven fabric Bolsa Bag with a 12-page booklet
 *   Astrojax logo and information display card
 *  Two extra 12-page booklets so one or two booklets can be left on top of the products for customers to peruse.
(Display bowl not included.  Use a glass, wood, or wicker bowl or metal colander.  See pictures below.)

Maya Skies are great for beginners, as well as players of all skill levels.  Suggestion: Leave one set out as a demo set for customers to try!

Wholesale price: $192 (i.e., $16/set x 12)

Retail price: $29.50



Maya Skies are the low-cost, non-modular version of the Astrojax Weave. The balls are slightly smaller than other versions of the Weave, have roughly the weight of Maya Stars (and the discontinued Plus version), use non-transparent polyethylene vortexes, and come in three colors.  The length of the string is easily altered for children of different heights by moving the locations of the end knots.  (Shorten the string 1.5 inches or less for smaller children.)  The shorter (35 inch), thicker (2.2 mm) string and lighter balls provide playful, lively orbits!