Philosophy and Mission Statement


Astrojax Blue Diamond light art

Astrojax is extraordinary in its "free dimensionality."  AJ can be played like an instrument ... AJ can be danced with like a tune ... AJ can be a wand for creation of motion.  

And with an instrument of creativity, joy, and self-expression comes acceptance of self and acceptance of others. The Astrojax philosophy is the extension of such positives (creativity, play, acceptance, etc.) to the world at large.

Real-world, free-dimensional, open-ended play should be valued as one of the most important and effective ways for children to learn and grow.  And in a world where so much is on-screen, structured, and pre-formatted, free-dimensional play is also beneficial for adults.

Creativity and self-expression are not just enjoyable on a personal level, they are essential in this age of crisis where the systems we have created are destroying our environment, cultures, and democracies.  New systems and paradigms must be created, and fostering creativity is therefore vital.

Our mission is to bring more play, creativity, and self expression to the world via Astrojax, to bring the world the most beautiful versions of Astrojax possible, and to do the business of Astrojax in the most beautiful way possible, which means doing business in socially and environmentally responsible ways. 

This will be an evolving process.  As we learn, we will refine our fair-trade business practices and the environmental-friendliness of our products, and share what we learn and how we develop so that such practices can be more widely adopted.

And throughout it all it is vital to remember that play, fun, joy, and, ultimately, love are not just the ends, but the most effective means to achieve those ends.