Will my child like it?

Yes!  Kids love Astrojax.  If you child likes to play with any toys involving activity, coordination, concentration, and playfulness (and what child doesn’t like to play?), it’s a very good bet your kid will love Astrojax!

Will my grandchild like it?

See above.


Is it good for stress relief?

Yes!  Countless people have told us how calming and meditative Astrojax can be for them.


Am I doing it right?

If you’re having fun, then yes!  If you’re not having fun, well … have fun!

What about an adult I know who likes toys?

Basically, if somebody is playful it’s a good bet they’ll like Astrojax.  It’s a great office toy, it’s great for stress relief, and it can be meditative.  Lots of adults are big fans. 

Have you seen this trick before?

Well, make a video and let us see!  It’s amazing how many tricks and moves there are with three balls on a string.  People are coming up with new stuff all the time. And the beauty of Astrojax is that it is “free-dimensional,” so even if it’s a common trick, nobody plays in quite the same way …


Is this better for my child than video games?
Omg, yes.  It’s terrible how much time kids spend looking at screens.  Children need to be moving around and exploring the real world to properly develop.  For god sakes, get them an Astrojax!


Have other Astrojax questions?  Let us know.  We are happy to help. 


Happy Orbiting!