Blue Diamond™/Saturn™ FAQS

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the light-up versions of Astrojax1


The Blue Diamond and Saturn


Q: How do I turn it on?

A:  On one side of each ball are two screw wells that provide access to the little screws that hold the balls together.   [Picture showing screw wells.  Screw wells labeled as such with arrows pointing to them.]  On the other side of each ball, along the top edge, is a little divet.  [Picture showing divet.  Divet labeled as such with an arrow pointing to it.]  A quick press into the divet with the prong at the end of your docking station (or the tip of a pen if you don’t have your docking station handy), turns the lights on and off.  It only takes a quick press.  If you press for a longer time you will cycle through the modes (constant-on, strobe, and off) and might cycle all the way around from off to off. 


Q:  I don’t see the strobe mode.  Is there something wrong with my set?

A:  Probably not.  The strobe mode is a very rapid flashing, so the strobe and constant-on modes are indistinguishable until you move the balls.  With the lights on, move the ball rapidly back and forth (or just do some orbits) to see whether the light mode is strobe or constant-on.

Q:  My lights aren’t turning on even when I follow the instructions above.

A:  Unfortunately, the Blue Diamond made by Active People had some design flaws, including that the batteries sometimes turn on while the product is still in its packaging.  So the problem may well be that the batteries are burnt out.  To replace the batteries, begin by unscrewing and removing the two screws that hold the hemispheres together.  The screws are made of a very soft metal, so make sure to use the proper size screwdriver (such as a #261 / PH1 x 60 phillips head screwdriver by Wiha) or you’ll damage the head of the screw and then won’t be able to remove the screw. 
     Once you separate the hemispheres, you will see that the Blue Diamond version has three watch batteries in little metal casings on the circuit board [Picture showing circuit board and batteries.  Batteries labeled as such with arrows pointing to them.], and the Saturn (non-Blue Diamond) version has two watch batteries in little metal casings on the circuit board.  At the top, outside edge of each battery casing is a little tab that is been bent downwards to hold in the battery.  With a non-Phillips screwdriver, slowly and carefully bend each tab up so it is horizontal.  [Picture showing tab bent to horizontal, labeled as “tab bent to horizontal”.]  Then you can push the battery out of the casing by pushing on it from the inside.  Replace the batteries with fresh LR41 batteries by sliding the replacement batteries into the casings, and folding the little metal tabs back down to hold the batteries in place.

Q:  Will the Saturn Blue Diamond be available again?
A:  A new version of the Blue Diamond is currently in development.  (There is an international injunction against Active People’s sales of Astrojax, so those they are selling are actually illegal.) The relaunch version will rectify issues that the previous versions had, including: turning it on and off will be quicker and easier, the batteries will either be rechargeable or more easily replaceable, and sets won’t be arriving with burnt-out batteries.

Happy Orbiting!

1Although the Blue Diamond and Saturn versions of Astrojax are temporarily discontinued, Blue Diamond/Saturn string sets and Bolsa Bags can be purchased on our site.

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                                                Aqua™ FAQS

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about the Aqua versions of Astrojax2


Q: My Aquas are empty or almost empty.  Is this normal?

Unfortunately, the Aquas made by Active People have a problem where the water in the interiors of the balls evaporates.  People who live in hot dry climates will have the worst problems with this.


Q:  Is there anything that can be done to slow the evaporation?

A:  The only thing you can do to slow this is to keep your Aquas in a moist/humid environment when not in use.

Q:  Can the Aquas be refilled with liquid?

A:  Yes, they can.  To do so you will need to go to your local pharmacy and get a syringe.  Pharmacies will generally give you a syringe if you tell them you are using it for this purpose.  Syringe in the water to fill the ball.  You can color the water with food coloring.  Then place the ball on a crumpled up shirt or some other object where the orientation of the ball with stay fixed.  Orient the ball so the hole the syringe made is on top, dry any moisture around the hole, and seal the hole with a clear water-proof flexible glue such as Gorilla Clear Grip.


Happy Orbiting!

2Although the Aqua versions of Astrojax are temporarily discontinued, Aqua string sets and Bolsa Bags can be purchased on our site.