Astrojax Smiles Videos


Astrojax Smiles videos show the joy of adventure and exploration that Astrojax brings.  Rather than being about technical virtuosity, these videos are about the smiles produced when fail or succeed, beginners and novices try learning new tricks. 


Win a set of Astrojax Weaves custom made with any Weave stitch pattern in the colors of your choice, plus two standard Maya Skies!

“What is a Not-A-Contest?” Well, contests categorize people and things along one dimension. In contrast, Astrojax is the Free-Dimensional Orbiter(TM) since smiles, play, and creativity should certainly not be categorized along one dimension. Therefore, this is not a contest … all reasonable, guideline-satisfying entries win!

       To be an Astrojax Smiles video it has to be filmed and edited in a particular way.  A good model for Astrojax Smiles videos is the one above featuring John Taylor.

Here are the guidelines:

1. The video should start and end with our Astrojax Smiles title graphics, which you can download here.

2. The player should use an Astrojax Maya Sky.  Maya Skies play great and are generally the best version for beginners.

3.  Your Astrojax Smiles video should be under a minute in length and set to marimba music.

4.  Most importantly, your Astrojax Smiles video should be tightly edited to highlight spontaneous smiles.  You should have at least 6, and preferably more, clips of the player trying a variety of tricks and maneuvers.

5.  To make an Astrojax Smiles video you need two sets of Astrojax and three people:
   (i) a filmer to hold the camera,
   (ii) an Astrojax player/learner who you will film playing with a Maya Sky, and
   (iii) you, the teacher, who will have another set of Astrojax of some type and will be out of frame and teaching the learner.

6.  The filmer should film from close to the player, about 5 feet away, and from a low angle so you can clearly see the smiles of the player.  All three balls will not be entirely within the frame at all times, but that's okay, it's the spontaneous smiles that are important.

For good tricks for beginners for generating smiles see the basic orbits video and the gateway tricks video posted below ...

Astrojax Smiles Not-A-Contest Deadline: March 1, 2019.

May your entry spread many smiles!