Astrojax is the perfect indoors active educational movement toy in these crazy times of quarantine. Being constrained to a string, a lot of motion happens in a limited space.  And not only does it provide open-ended creative play, it improves hand-eye coordination and spatial/geometric visualization skills.


Astrojax has been used for light show performances, science demonstrations, physical therapy, cognitive and hand-eye coordination development, and, of course, LOTS OF PLAY!  It's easy, it's fun, it's good for stress relief.  It makes a great gift.  Dance with it.  Groove with it.  Invent new moves.  Develop your own personal style.  Explore the universe of Astrojax!

The Astrojax(R) orbiting ball toy is three balls on a string where the center ball slides.  Hold an end ball and oscillate your hand and the balls orbit.  From simple vertical orbits, horizontal orbits, and figure-eight (butterfly) orbits, to wild and crazy patterns and sophisticated tricks.  In three balls on a string lies a universe of orbital possibilities

What is Astrojax?

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NEW! Astrojax Super Glows

Play with Super Glows allows you to really focus on the motion of the balls and lose yourself in the orbits.  Super Glows are beautiful day and night.

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"A Beautiful Toy Made In A Beautiful Way For a better world"

Fair Trade Principles

We believe it is urgently necessary to develop and implement environmentally- and socially-responsible business practices, and are intent on doing so and sharing what we learn in the process so that others may follow suit. We also believe that open-ended, creative, physical play is vital to the development of children and greatly beneficial to adults.

The Science

There's a lot of science in Astrojax's three balls on a string.  Astrojax has been used to teach physics at the grade school, high school, and college levels, NASA has taken Astrojax into outer space as part of its Toys in Space education program, and Astrojax has even been the subject of research on nonlinear dynamics and chaos using sophisticated computer modeling and advanced mathematics.  

Hybrid Artisan/High-Tech Design

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